State Fiscal Stabilization Funds Disclosure

In order to continue receiving Troy University's portion of the State Fiscal Stabilization Funds, and to increase transparency and accountability in state government, Governor Riley signed Executive Order No. 46 in February 2009 requiring the creation of a publicly accessible website that details all spending by state government. The collection and posting of data is managed by the office of the Troy University Senior Vice-Chancellor for Business and Finance. Beginning in fiscal year 2009 each institution of higher education is required to begin posting monthly all expenditures made by the institution. Troy University has posted its below. It includes all check and wire transfer payments that do not include information that is confidential to anyone's payroll deductions, HIPAA or FERPA related information, or any other information that is subject to prohibitions by state and/or federal law/regulations. By September 1, 2010, this information will be searchable and, at a minimum, allow users to 1) search expenditures by any element of the information listed above, 2) ascertain through a single search the total amount of funding awarded to a person or state entity, and 3) download information yielded by a search.

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The information is updated once monthly, within three days of the closing of the monthly expenditures.

Payee Name GL Fund
Check Number to GL Department
Voucher Number to GL Object
Check Date to GL Location
Check Amount to Payroll Type
Check Type